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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Preparing for the start of term

With January 22 quickly approaching, ASR is asking students, faculty, and staff to prepare in advance for the start of the term. Faculty and instructors received a welcome message from OCM. In it, they are encouraged to record their classroom assignments in advance and minimize any room change requests. Students will also be encouraged to record their schedule in advance. Because of this, consider sending an email to the students in a class if there is a change in the week before the term starts.  

You may also want to consider having a hard copy of your classroom assignments available to reference in case there is an unexpected system issue the first week of term.

Class cancellation policy and spring 2019 deadlines

The last day for spring 2019 class cancellations is January 28, 2019. According to the Course Enrollment Limits and Cancellation policy , colleges (and sometimes departments) maintain policies regarding low-enrollment course sections. Sections may not be canceled after the fifth day of classes for the term. Each college has its own guidelines for canceling low enrollment classes on its website. University best practice is to cancelas early as possible once a decision has been made to ensure impacted students will have an opportunity to register for an alternate class.

For spring 2019 class cancellations:

If there is no enrollment, cancel the class directly in CCS. This will ensure the room assignment is released and the class is accurately displayed on the Class Schedule. Changing the enrollment capacity to zero and checking the “no print” box in CCS will not release the classroom assignment nor cancel the class. 

If there are students enrolled, notify ocmsched@umn.edu for cancellations and follow collegiate policies. OCM will cancel the class and an automated email will be sent to enrolled students. We still encourage departments to send an email directly to students to let them know of the cancellation and to encourage alternate class options. 

Make final changes to variable credit/grading basis

With the spring semester beginning soon, it is imperative to make final changes to classes requiring set credits and/or changes to grade basis. After the term has begun, the grading basis and the number of credits for a class cannot be altered.

If you need to change the number of credits for a class from a variable number to a set number, email ocmsched@umn.edu. If you need to make a change to the grading basis of a course, submit it directly through ECAS.

Setting end dates for reserve capacity

Remember to set an end date for reserve capacity requirement groups for spring 2019. The end date should be set to the Friday before the start of the term or earlier. Review the guidelines for reserved seats >>

If reserved seats have not been previously released by departments, ASR will release all reserved seats on the Friday before the first day of class each semester (January 18, 2019 for spring 2019 semester).

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Welcome back - 3 steps to be ready for the semester

The Office of Classroom Management (OCM) welcomes you to the start of the spring 2019 semester! We recommend taking the following 3 steps to best prepare:

Step 1: Confirm your classroom
Go to the Teaching tab of MyU now to locate your room assignments. We encourage you to record your room assignment before the start of the term when we experience a high volume of traffic in the system. We ask students to do the same, so please minimize any room change requests. While in MyU, you can also access and print your class roster (view class roster how-to guide).

Step 2: Check your tech
Use Room Search to learn about the features, layout, and equipment in your classroom. Classroom equipment instructions are available to show you how to use the equipment in your classroom.

Step 3: Know your resources
OCM is available to help with questions about general purpose classrooms, scheduling, and central student study spaces. You can also request hands-on training or orientation for classroom equipment and technology.

We answer calls Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Messages left at the hotline after hours are monitored by an on-call manager.
All OCM classrooms are equipped with ADA compliant tables and chairs. We work with the Disability Resource Center to accommodate student needs and ask for your help in ensuring the furniture is available for those who need it.

We wish you a great start to the semester!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Make final changes to spring 2019 classes by Tuesday, January 15

It is imperative to make final changes to classes as soon as possible. Late class changes can negatively impact student financial aid eligibility, retention, and degree progress. It is the department’s responsibility to make changes prior to this deadline.

Changes that should be made by January 15 for spring 2019 (1193) include the following:
  • Credit changes of any kind (e.g., reduction, addition, variable to set, set to variable, etc.)
  • Grading basis changes of any kind (e.g., A-F only to S-N only, S-N to A-F only, etc.)
  • Class cancellations
  • Career changes
  • Repeat allowance updates
  • Component changes

After January 15, ASR will formally review each spring 2019 class change request. Many changes are not able to be directly accommodated after students are enrolled and financial aid has been disbursed.

How do I make the change requests?
Changing credits

  • If choosing a set number of credits for a variable credit class, request your changes by emailing ocmsched@umn.edu.
  • If a reduction or addition to course credits needs to be made, submit your changes through ECAS.
Changing grade basis, career, component, and/or repeat allowances
  • Submit your changes through ECAS.
Canceling a class with low enrollment
  1. Change the Class Status to “Stop Further Enrollment” (on the Enrollment Control tab of CCS).
  2. Notify all enrolled students directly and offer alternate options.
  3. Email ocmsched@umn.edu to process your cancellation (and drop students). Note: If your college requires collegiate approval for cancellation with low enrollment, also refer to your college procedures.
Canceling a class with zero enrollment
  1. Change the Class Status to “Cancelled Section” (on the Enrollment Control tab of CCS).

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Fall grades due by December 27, 2018

The final grades for fall are due Thursday, December 27 at 11:59 p.m. This may be a challenging time for some, but please encourage instructors to submit grades as early as possible. For support regarding grades, contact ASR Training and Support at srhelp@umn.edu or 612-625-2803. Resources are also available on the ASR website.