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Monday, May 17, 2010

New additions to OCM website

The OCM website now includes information about student study space. You can find an overview about why OCM is managing student study space and information for finding student study space.

Over the next year OCM will be working on developing more information about student study space for the website.

If you have any questions about student study space, please email Facilities

Friday, May 7, 2010

Video equipment announcement

Individual VCR players have been discontinued by the manufacturers. As quality replacement
VCRs have became harder to find; we are no longer
able to purchase replacement VCRs for equipment that fails. New
installations of classroom technology
equipment utilize a combination DVD/VCR for VHS playback.


Older classroom
technology systems utilizing individual VCR players will be maintained as long
as spare units are
available. Once our inventory runs
out, the individual units will be replaced with a combination DVD/VCR player.


In addition, some
classrooms offer multi-standard VCR capabilities; however, we are unable to
purchase replacement units
. OCM will
offer multi-standard VCR playback devices in select classrooms as long as our
supply of spare units remains in good working condition. This feature will be
discontinued once that supply has been depleted. The current supply is
expected to last for several semesters.


academic programs continue to rely upon pre-recorded videotapes for which there
is no available substitute. Faculty with videotape content should consider
converting any non-copyrighted VHS tapes to DVD or other digital media. Please
remember on-demand streaming solutions may be available. Classroom users should
consider playback capabilities when making media purchasing decisions.

conversion services are available from Classroom
Technical Services

and OIT
Video Production