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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Navigate to your study space

Are you looking for a place to study? Be on the lookout for GPS Waypoints around campus. These are General Purpose Study spaces. They are designed, managed, and maintained with student needs in mind by the Office of Classroom Management (OCM). When you find a gold pushpin marking a GPS Waypoint, you'll know that it's an OCM maintained study space.

Get to know your ALC!

Are you in an Active Learning Classroom (ALC) this semester? These classrooms are designed to foster interactive, flexible, student-centered learning experiences. The Office of Classroom Management provides hands-on classroom orientation sessions to help familiarize classroom users with instructional technology. If you would like to schedule a classroom orientation session, contact John Knowles.

Space is the Place (for studying)--Carlson School of Management L-145

Learn more about the study space that the Office of Classroom Management maintains! Carlson School of Management (CSOM) L-145 on the West Bank campus features the Carlson Dining Food Court and various tables and chairs for studying and eating. The space also includes vending machines and wireless access. Go get your study on!

Better Know a Building--Blegen Hall

Go check out the newly updated Blegen Hall! This building now offers a new projection system with touchscreen, HDMI, and widescreen controls in all rooms. In addition, some rooms on the fourth floor have document cameras and new tech stations. Instructions are available for all features and equipment.

Book us for fall semester!

Classroom Technical Service (CTS) is now available for presentation technology installation for fall semester. To book CTS to update your departmental classrooms, contact Chuck Bottemiller.