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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Summer 2015 (1155) room assignments

We are currently in ECS period 3 for summer 2015 (1155). Review the Class Schedule for your department and ensure that all classes requiring a general purpose classroom have been assigned one for May term and summer session. Remember to cancel classes that will not be offered for summer session (1155). Contact Scheduling with any questions.

Room assignments are subject to change prior to the start of the term. OCM encourages instructors to verify their classroom assignments before the first class meeting.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Clarification about changes to course descriptions

After the Upgrade, course descriptions from the University’s public catalogs will appear in the class search results of PeopleSoft. Additionally, faculty, instructors, and their proxies will be able to add a website address in the class notes section of class search results directing students to more information about the course or to a course syllabus. The ability to add a website address to the class notes is replacing the Course Guide, which is being retired after the Upgrade. For more information about these changes, please visit the Upgrade Blog.

Fall 2015 (1159) scheduling in progress

We are currently in ECS period 2 for fall 2015 (1159). Room assignments for fall 2015 will appear on the Class Schedule when ECS period 3 opens March 14. At that time, you will have access in ECS to make updates to class information (cancel, change, add). However, changes made to meeting times, enrollment capacities, and/or requested room capacities will result in the loss of the classroom assignment. Changes will continue to be made to the Class Schedule throughout the spring and summer months.

Final exam scheduling for spring 2015 (1153)

Final exam scheduling for spring 2015 will begin next week. Please notify Scheduling as soon as possible if a course section will not require a general purpose classroom during finals week. Email ocmsched@umn.edu with the subject line "Spring 2015 Final Exam" and the designator/section number(s) in the text.

Submit ASR form 163 or 123 by March 6, 2015 to request a change in day, time, or location of the exam. While the Office of Classroom Management (OCM) does its best to accommodate special requests, there is a possibility that your request may not be fulfilled. The spring 2015 final exam schedule and regulations are posted online, here.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Will the Upgrade change U Catalogs, course descriptions and the Course Guide?

After consulting at length with University stakeholders, the Upgrade’s Student Team decided that the Course Guide would be retired. Faculty, instructors, and their proxies will now be able to include URLs for additional information in the U Catalog course descriptions as a replacement. These catalogs and all academic offerings will still be publicly available in the University’s online catalogs. Find more information about these changes on The Upgrade Blog.

PeopleSoft Upgrade timing update and class scheduling impacts

The shifted PeopleSoft Upgrade date has been decided. The system cutover period -- when current systems will be unavailable or view only -- is set to begin April 10 with a targeted go-live date of April 20. Remember to check the Upgrade website for major updates and information about the changes.

As a reminder, the fall 2015 ECS Period 1 deadline has not been impacted. Your fall class data is still due on February 10, 2015. Other Scheduling Production Calendar dates for summer 2015, fall 2015 and spring 2016 are shifting, including:

  • The addition of ECS period 3 for fall (1159)
  • The addition of ECS period 4 for summer (1155) and fall (1159)
  • The extension of ECS period 1 for spring (1163)

Please pay close attention to the Scheduling Production Calendar for upcoming deadlines, noting that the Final Class Schedule for Fall 2015 and the Preliminary Class Schedule for Spring 2016 post on February 10, 2015.

Verify class notes

There are many class notes for summer 2015 (1155), fall 2015 (1159), and spring 2016 (1163) that appear to have incorrect information on the Class Schedule. Remember to verify all class notes for your department by reading through the Class Schedule for each of the designators you schedule. Class notes roll forward from the previous like term. It is a department scheduler's responsibility to ensure that class notes associated with your classes are still applicable.

ECS Period 1 ends February 10 for fall 2015

The last day of ECS Period 1 for fall 2015 (1159) is Tuesday, February 10. Your fall class schedule is due at that time.

Remember to:

  1. Delete courses that will not be offered this term.
  2. Set realistic enrollment limits and requested room capacities based on last year's course data.
  3. Adjust all non-standard courses to a standard time.
  4. Add facility ROOM000TBA to all sections that will meet in a Departmental Space (or add specific Departmental Space) into the Facility ID field in ECS. For sections with meeting patterns that will not require any room assignment, add the facility NOROOMREQ in the Facility ID field in ECS.
  5. Add room characteristic requests to each class as needed.

Find additional class scheduling resources.