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Friday, April 20, 2012

R25 User Group: Change is afoot!

Scheduling is making improvements and this session is an opportunity to get information on possible upcoming changes straight from the horse's mouth.

Topics covered in this session include:

  • Citrix retirement
  • Active scheduling software request for proposal
  • Webviewer audit and room information clean-up.

Time will be made for R25 usage questions or complaints.

Event Details:

Speaker: Christine Mounts (OCM)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

9:00-10:30 a.m.

Folwell Hall, Room 103

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Scheduling update: Have you reviewed your department's spring 2012 final exam schedule?

Final exams begin Monday, May 7. Make sure to review the spring 2012 final exam schedule
for your department and then forward the information to instructors.
To review final exams click on the college, followed by subject, then
the course, and, finally, click on the little cross in the box next to
'Meetings On or After Today' to review the time and location.

Questions about final exam policy?

Scheduling update: ECS period 2 for spring 2013 in progress

ECS period 2 for spring 2013 (1133) is now in progress. ECS will be
unavailable for spring 2013 scheduling until Tuesday, May 22 while OCM
reviews the Request for Approval of Non-Standard Meeting Time/Day Pattern forms
and schedules general purpose classrooms. During this time we are also
working with representatives from the colleges to review compliance to
the new class scheduling policy. You can always check the Class Scheduling Distribution Summary to see how well your department aligned with the new policies.

Scheduling update: A few things to remember about Course Requirements

When entering requests for course requirements (i.e., prerequisites) in ECAS, it is important to know that the field "Prerequisites for Catalog"
is for text that will display on the University Course Catalog as well
as in the Class Schedule. Those who oversee the catalog queue in ECAS
edit this text field to conform to University standards and
conventions. These requirements are not enforced.

To have a course requirement enforced,
the course must have an Enrollment Requirement Group (ERG) code
constructed and the "Enforced Prerequisites" field must
be populated in the request in ECAS. The text in this field is
interpreted literally and can only include items that can be found on
students' records (e.g., courses taken, major plan codes, student
groups, and academic levels in 15 credit increments). Grade points
cannot be used as criteria. Conventions include using "or" and "and"
between conditions where appropriate, or commas for a sequence of
conditions. Courses can be required either as a prerequisite or a
co-requisite, the latter designated by an ampersand (&) before the
course designator number.

"Consents" is yet
another separate field of "buttons" in ECAS. There can only be one form
of consent on a course. Putting "instr consent" or "dept consent" in
this field means a student must obtain a permission number.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Scheduling update: New general purpose classroom utilization dashboard available

The Office of Classroom Management recently unveiled a new classroom utilization dashboard.
The newly designed dashboard allows users to see how general purpose
classrooms are being used. This tool provides options for sorting by
semester, campus location and room size.

Apple TV Technical Discussion Planned

The Office of Information Technology, in collaboration with the Office of Classroom Management and the College of Education and Human Development, will host an Apple TV technical discussion from 2:30-3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 18 in Appleby Hall room 3.

Apple TV enables users to display presentations from an iPad or Apple computer using a wireless network. Groups interested in using Apple TV at the University are invited to have their technical staff attend. The planned discussions will be based on a pilot installation in the room, as well as challenges and benefits of using Apple TV.

For more information, contact Michelle McGeehan.

Scheduling update: Registration for May/summer and fall 2012 begins next week

Registration for May/summer 2012 (1125) begins Tuesday, April 10. Registration for fall 2012 (1129) begins Thursday, April 12.

The start of queued registration
coincides with the beginning of ECS period 4 as well. During ECS period
4, department schedulers are able to continue to make late changes to
the schedule or add courses. Changes may result in the loss of
classroom assignment. Cancellations must be referred to college offices
for approval.

If you plan to add large class sections
(anything larger than 75) to the class schedule, please be sure to
consult with the Scheduling Unit to ensure that a general purpose classroom will be available.

Scheduling update: Where are you planning to offer that class?

We have noticed an increasing trend in departments that are
scheduling classes on multiple campus locations (East Bank, West Bank,
and/or St. Paul). Please remember as you are entering your data for
Spring 2013 (1133) that setting a campus location is a two step process
involving two equally important fields.

  1. Make sure the location field on
    the Basic Data panel in ECS is set to the correct campus location
    (it defaults to East Bank). This is the field that populates on
    the Class Schedule.
  2. Make sure you select East Bank, West Bank, or St. Paul as a room characteristic on the Meetings panel in ECS. This is the field that informs the scheduling unit where you want the class to meet.

Scheduling update: Review your department's schedule for spring 2012 final exams

Final exams begin Monday, May 7. Take a moment now to review the spring 2012 final exam schedule
for your department. It is important to make sure all sections
requiring a general purpose classroom during finals week have been
assigned a classroom at the correct time. To review final exam
information, click on the college, followed by subject, then the
course, and, finally, click on the little cross in the box next to
'Meetings On or After Today' to review the time and location.

Please note room locations and forward
the information to instructors to ensure that they know where their
final exam(s) will take place.

Questions about final exam policy?