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Friday, February 19, 2010

Spring 2011 Course Scheduling Begins

Spring 2011 Electronic Course Scheduling period one
opens Friday, February 19. During period one department schedulers are
expected to update course information (i.e., delete, add, change) and
submit all requests.

Course scheduling tips:

  • Set enrollment limits and requested room capacities based on previous term's course enrollment +/- 10%.
  • Spread course load across standard times and all five weekdays.
  • Delete sections that are not going to be offered spring 2011.
  • Move non-standard courses to a standard time.
  • Increase utilization of departmental classrooms.

Please remember all courses meeting at a non-standard time will need a Request for Approval of Non-Standard Meeting Time/Day Pattern form.

For more information about scheduling policies, critical dates, and resources visit the OCM website or email the scheduling unit at classrm@umn.edu.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

All Campus Presentation

Presentation about the dynamic digital signage system delivered by Anya Norton at the All Campus meeting on February 18.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Science Teaching and Student Services Building Update

Despite the cold and snowy weather, a lot of
progress was made on the project in January. Installation of the precast panels is near
completion on the west side of the building with a total of 417 precast panels. The tower crane will finally be dismantled by the end of the month.
Metal panels are all in place on the mechanical penthouse on the roof and fabricated
louvers for the penthouse will be installed this month. Crews started installation of
the stainless steel cornice at the top of the building and stainless steel column
covers on the glass curtain wall. The skylight has been installed over the
curved stairs.

The interior is changing on an hourly basis. On the fifth
floor all under-floor rough-in has been completed and the raised floor is
installed with the exception of some corners and edges. Interior framing is
nearly finished as well. Raised floor installation has started on the fourth
floor and under-floor rough-in took off on the third floor. Fun fact the 89,000 square
feet of access flooring equals 22,250 individual panels. The structural steel
for the One Stop Student Services suite has been erected on the third floor. Electrical and mechanical rough-in is in progress on all five floors and in
different stages.

Pouring for the curved
stair is nearing completion. Installation of elevator cabs is coming to a
finish and in March one should be in operation. When the elevator is complete
the temporary exterior lift will be removed and the wall will be finished with
precast panels.

STSS February.jpg

Friday, February 12, 2010

Rapson 43 Water Damage

Last night Rapson Hall 139 experienced a fire that
set off
the sprinkler system in the room. The water from the 139 fire found its
into classroom 43 and caused damage to some of the fixtures and finishes
in the room.

We will be notifying the classes that will be
affected today, February 12, by the clean up and we will be evaluating
if additional classes will need to be moved for next week.

If you have any additional questions, please call
the Classroom Support Hotline at 612-625-1086.