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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Scheduling Update: October 19, 2011

In order to ensure that instructors will be able to access their grade rosters online, please review all of your fall 2011 courses and make sure the correct instructor is assigned to each course that will require grades.

To determine if you have courses still requiring instructor assignment, review "Classes Missing Instructor Information" in UM Reports. The data in this report can be sorted by:

  • campus
  • college
  • department name & dept ID
  • subject
  • number of courses missing instructors
Read the rest of this update, featuring Scheduling U, finals scheduling, and upcoming important dates, or view the scheduling update archive.http://www.classroom.umn.edu/scheduling/improve/SchedulingUpdate20111019.html

Announcing HDMI upgrade to the classroom projection system

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a digital connection capable of
transmitting high-definition video and audio through a single cable. It is prevalent in flat-panel displays and projectors, as well as in DVD players, Blu-ray Disc players, and some laptops and tables, like the Apple iPad.

Whenever possible during projection system upgrade projects, OCM has modified the Projection Capable Classroom (PCC) standard to include HDMI inputs. Currently, over 50 classrooms support HDMI connections.

The success of connecting Apple laptops and iPads via HDMI varies with the classroom infrastructure. Rooms with multiple projectors will not currently distribute video from Apple devices using HDMI:

  • Due to the way Apple iPads sense display devices and automatically set up display mirroring, we are not able to distribute video from an iPad to multiple projectors using HDMI. In rooms with multiple projectors, the user is able to connect using the VGA cable.
  • The success of Apple laptops using the HDMI cable varies as well. If your laptop does not successfully connect to the classroom projection system when using the HDMI cable, you will need to use the VGA cable.
  • In order to connect to either VGA or HDMI sources, Apple devices need to use an adapter. Since 2008, Apple has equipped all Macintosh laptop computers with Mini DisplayPort connections. Mini DisplayPort is easily converted to HDMI via user-provided adapters. OCM does not supply adapters in classrooms.
We have not seen issues with Windows-based laptop hardware using the HDMI connection except when playing Blu-ray video.

For more information about HDMI, or to see a list of rooms with this feature, see the HDMI instructions page.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Scheduling Update: October 6, 2011

Review the Scheduling U dates and sessions and mark your calendar for the sessions you plan to attend. All schedulers should attend one of the three "Scheduling update" sessions. During these sessions of Scheduling U, scheduling unit staff will provide information about the new scheduling policy, discuss the process for non-standard classes, and more!

Read the rest of this update, featuring the results of a survey about ALC usage during finals week, summer 2012 scheduling reminders, and a calculation for determining class hours in May or summer sessions, or view the scheduling update archive.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Changing from cooling to heating season

In preparation for winter, Facilities Management will soon begin transitioning building systems from cooling to heating. This process varies by building and area of campus, requires careful and thorough attention, and will last for several weeks. Despite best efforts, some spaces may experience uncomfortable temperatures for a limited time. The goal of Facilities Management is to minimize this exposure.

The Office of Classroom Management and Facilities Management are committed to providing the best possible teaching and learning environments for University faculty and students. If you feel the temperature in your classroom is either too high or too low, please contact the Classroom Support Hotline at 612-625-1086For specific building information and the latest updates, please see Facilities Management's cooling-to-heating transition webpage.

Scheduling U 2011

Scheduling U 2011 will be held from Monday, October 17 through Friday, November 4, covering topics such as Electronic Course Scheduling, scheduling updates, and the Class Scheduling Distribution Summary. For event descriptions, dates, and times, visit the Scheduling U 2011 page.