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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Spring 2017 (1173) scheduling

Room assignments for spring 2017 (1173) will be available on Class Search when CCS re-opens on May 24. All room assignments are subject to change prior to the start of term as we work to accommodate all class activity. 

The Scheduling Unit is still working on placing many classes during the busiest times of day. If we are unable to place your classes, we will be reaching out to individual departments to determine if the class days or times are available to be changed, or if a departmental space is available for the class. As a reminder, large classroom space is at a premium with Tate Lab of Physics and Mechanical Engineering buildings offline. 

Beginning May 24, you can update class information (cancel, change, or add). Please note: changes made to meeting times, enrollment capacities, and requested room capacities will result in the loss of the classroom assignment. Please consult with the Scheduling Unit if you are adding classes during peak times to ensure that a classroom will be available.

Make final changes to variable credit classes & grading basis prior to semester start

With the May/summer session beginning next week, it is imperative to make final changes to classes requiring set credits and/or changes to grade basis. After the term has begun, the grading basis and the number of credits a class is being offered at cannot be altered.

If you need to change the number of credits for which a class is offered, from a variable number to a set number, email ocmsched@umn.edu to make the change. If you need to make a change to the grading basis of a course, submit changes directly through ECAS.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Expanded weekend classroom hours during finals week

Finals week begins Saturday, May 7 with Study Day. The last day of exams is Saturday, May 14. General purpose classroom hours will be extended on Saturday, May 7, Sunday, May 8, and Saturday, May 14 to meet the needs of students and faculty during finals week. Weekday hours remain unchanged during finals week (see standard operating hours).

** Please note building hours may vary from standard classroom hours. Be sure to carry your U Card with you at all times. For more information about specific building hours, visit the individual building details page via the Campus Maps website.

Saturdays, May 7 and May 14: All general purpose classrooms will be open from 7 a.m.- 10:00 p.m. to accommodate scheduled final exams and student study.
Sunday, May 8: All classrooms in weekend buildings will be open from 7 a.m.-10 p.m. to accommodate students for official University study days. Weekend buildings include the following:
  • East Bank: Bruininks Hall, Folwell Hall, Keller Hall, Nicholson Hall, Rapson Hall
  • West Bank: Blegen Hall, CSOM, Hanson Hall, Humphrey Center
  • Saint Paul: McNeal Hall, Peters Hall, Ruttan Hall
After final exams week, we will return to our standard operating hours.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Auto-enroll wait list process for May/summer and fall 2016

The auto-enroll wait list process for all summer 2016 (1165) sessions on the Twin Cities campus began on Tuesday, April 26 and will run through the first day of the session in which the class is scheduled. The auto-enroll process for fall 2016 (1169) began on Wednesday, April 27 and will run through the first day of the session in which the class is scheduled. Students can add themselves to a wait list through the first day of the session.

If you encounter any issues with wait listing or the auto-enroll process, please contact the ASR Training & Support Team at srhelp@umn.edu . More information on how students can add themselves to a wait list can be found in this guide.

Spring 2016 Final Exams

You may review the final exam schedule for your department by following the steps outlined on the OCM Blog.