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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Assign instructors to classes

A presentation of the internal audit for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions was given at the February 2017 Registrar's Advisory Committee (RAC) meeting. The conclusions of the audit were that the system is doing its job, but some users are frustrated. Class schedule data entry errors were highlighted, noting that the 300+ system-wide Collaborative Class Scheduling (CCS) users impact the quality of data. Specific audit findings of note:
  • 725 of 1,101 (66%) graduate students were entered as Primary Instructor instead of Teaching Assistant
  • 2,234 of 7,521 (30%) classes with no instructor listed
  • Meeting patterns set up incorrectly 

Two bullets highlight the importance of instructor information for students. Please input instructor information, grade access, and meeting patterns in CCS on the Meetings tab. See the UPK on meeting pattern set up.